Here are a few common questions people have about the dog grooming process…


When should I take my puppy for its first groom?

Earlier than you’d think! Puppies go through a unique development phase from about 8-16 weeks where many habits are hardwired for life. A positive grooming experience during this phase will likely mean your dog will be happily groomed for the rest of its life. Dogs that start with the grooming process after 6 month of age can become anxious and scared of the process.

How often should I get my dog’s nails clipped?

Like with human fingernails your dog’s nails will continue to grow. Walking on a hard surface, such as concrete, actually does a pretty good job of keeping their nails in check. But for dogs that don’t spend a lot of time on hard surfaces, you’ll need to get them trimmed at least once a month. You’ll be happy to know that at Dogs of the North we offer a free nail clipping service for existing clients.

Do I need to have my dog groomed over winter?

If your dog is not groomed over the winter months, it is likely its coat will become long, matted and dirty. Besides looking bad, a matted and dirty coat will hold water for longer as air cannot move as freely through it to dry it – and a wet coat is a cold coat!
A good winter groom will leave your dog’s coat long enough to keep it warm but eliminate matting, knots, dirt and fleas.

Will I need to groom my dog between visits?

Regular grooming is important as it stops your dog’s coat from becoming matted. A matted coat prevents good airflow and can hide serious skin irritations. If left unaddressed this can lead to skin infections.
It’s worth investing in grooming equipment of your own, such as a slicker brush and a comb. When grooming your dog, pay attention to the areas where your dog rubs against itself or something else. Common areas for knots to form are around the collar line, under the legs and behind the ears. Sometimes knots and matts are too big to brush out. If this is the case, a trip to your groomer is advisable as they’ll be able to clip them out.

What is the difference between knots and matts?

 A knot is a small clump of tangled hair and can usually be brushed out. A matt, on the other hand, is a large knot that has become tightly bound to the dog’s skin. A matt cannot be brushed out as it is a solid mass of hair. These can become quite painful for your dog. Matts need to be clipped out by your groomer.

Should I bath my dog before going to the groomer?

 As far as your groomer is concerned, bathing a dog prior to a visit to the salon can often do more harm than good as bathing a matted coat will tighten the matts even more. If you do bath your dog between salon visits, make sure their coat is completely brushed out before bathing.