Our Story

Regardless of breed and upbringing, all dogs have their own unique personality and needs. This, coupled with a great passion and respect for all dogs, is why Susie Rosetzky established Dogs of the North.

Susie and Gracie at the Dogs of the North SAlon

Susie and Gracie at the Dogs of the North SAlon

While working for a large-scale commercial grooming business Susie noticed a niche in the market for a grooming service that put the individual needs of dogs ahead of profit. A service that allowed time for dogs to relax and feel comfortable in the salon environment. And one where they weren’t locked in cages for long periods before and after grooming.

So, with this in mind, Susie set to work converting a double garage at her Northcote property into a modern and welcoming grooming salon. Along with top shelf grooming products, Susie has transformed the space into a homely and tranquil salon, integrating the vista of her garden and beloved Westie, Gracie.

It’s now a space Susie loves to work in, and one in which dogs can relax and enjoy the grooming process with Susie's undivided attention as she only grooms one dog at a time. We think it's a winning recipe, but don’t just take our word for it. Click here to read what our clients are saying…